Markets for AiM Military Marketing

Markets for AiM Military Marketing

Working in military marketing for several years, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with different markets. From local government agencies to big agencies, and state military recruiting commands, we have experience working with the best clients!


Challenge:  You need results, we understand the business you are in, and the demands you face.  Image and branding are everything, it is all about creative presentation, and consistent, vibrant, on-point graphics.

Solution:  You can rely on our state-of-the-art digital printing, award-winning sheet-fed offset printing for magazines, brochures, and catalogs.  You can count on us for our expert project management capabilities for resolute color, quality and execution.  We hit our deadlines because we know your media plan demands it.  And we emphasize perfection in every brand element, marketsacross the full spectrum of signage and display media.

Let AiM support your efforts with unparalleled service and resources

  • Pre-Press (Scanning, CTP Technology, Color Retouching, Stochastic and Sublima Printing, Hi-Fi Mixed Process, Delano, Apogeex)
  • Printing (Web, Sheet-Fed, Digital)
  • Finishing (Die-Cutting, Binding and Hand-Finishing, Folding, Collating, Envelope Conversion, Sewing)
  • Specialty Coatings (UV Coatings, InLine Options-Pearl, Shimmer, Soft Touch, Liquid Foil)
  • Specialty Process (Foil-Stamping, Embossing, Letterpress, Laser Cutting, Mixed Process, Custom Color Match, Hexachrome, Die Making)
  • Direct Mail and Fulfillment (Mailing, DB Management, Variable Data, Managed Customer Storage)
  • Wide Format (Banners, Backlit, Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics, POP Displays, Window Graphics, Building/Car Wraps, Fence Mesh)
  • Large and small run offset printing (Desktop Blotters/Planners, brochures, booklets)

State Military Recruiting & Retention Commands

Challenge:  You need localized grassroots marketing to support your state, we understand the environment you are in, and the demands you face.  You have a national mission, and state mission, you need marketing programs, and you need results.

Solution:  You can rely on our experience working with the National Guard for over 11 years, and the tried and true programs that you need.  We work with you to ensure that your campaign objectives are met and that you have a way of tracking results, as we know that your budget is contingent on tracking your return on investment.

marketsLet AiM support your efforts with unparalleled service and resources for all markets

  • Grassroots Event Marketing – Potential Recruiting Events, Center Of Influence Events, Storefront Launch Events, CampusAd Events
    • Direct Marketing (SMART Mail, Invitations)
    • Digital Marketing (Social Media, Mobile Applications, Custom-Call-to-Actions)
    • Graphics (Banners, Fence Mesh, Floor Graphics, Hardware/Rentals, POP Displays, Window Graphics)
    • Career Kits
    • Desktop Planners
    • Educational Almanacs
    • Custom Brochures
  • Strategic Storefront Marketing
    • Furniture
    • Graphic Elements
    • Space Planning (provide a floor plan and we will lay it out, and render in color)
    • Project Management
    • ROI Reporting
    • Refreshment Graphics Program
    • Marketing Events to Engage and Drive Awareness
  • CampusAd Marketingmarkets