Military Marketing Experts: Interact

What makes military marketing experts?

military marketing experts


Marketing is about storytelling, and getting your story in the space that provides maximum results.  The strengths that make AiM military marketing experts:

  • We have been in the military marketing space for over 12 years and are experts at working with each level of leadership as well as agency partners.  
  • We know that your job is filled with challenges, working with experts that are familiar with military marketing challenges saves all your resources: people, time and money.
  • Results or ROI…are an absolute necessity for our clients, and we are prepared to work with you to develop a cross-channel campaign, execute, and report the results.
  • Whether you are building awareness, generating leads, or retaining quality personnel, we will help manage your project or campaign, and interact with your team to drive results.
  • We have built relationships with the best industry partners to provide the best custom-tailored solutions to meet your goals, and help you meet your mission.
  • We have experience with your marketing verticals:  High school, sports, college, storefront and event marketing.

AiM’s 360° interactive marketing platform includes print, digital, smart, social and event marketing tools.

  • Print
    • SMART Mail and Invitations
    • Brochures and Collateral
    • Books and Magazines
    • Binders and Training Materials
  • Wide Format Print
    • Backlits
    • Banners
    • Transit Media
    • Vehicle and Building Wraps
    • Wall Graphics
    • Floor Graphics
  • Digital Media
    • Audio/Visual advertisement networks housed in 600 college campuses across the United States
    • Web Design
    • Mobile Design
    • Inbound Marketing
  • Social
  • Event Marketing – We have the resources and partners to make both large corporate events and grassroots marketing events successful

Whether you are an agency, relating the “Big Idea”, or a recruiter looking for a “Grassroots Marketing Partner” AIM’s 360° platform has the tools to communicate your message.

Our AIM:  Interact…Experience…Create…The Result: A Targeted Customer-Centric Experience.

Visit “Our Work” to see our 360 ° platform portfolio