Google+ – SMART Marketing Program for Recruiting and Retention

Marketing Rationale: The SmartMail Marketing Program is a complete marketing strategy created to support the recruiting initiatives of the National Guard with turn-key marketing solutions for Recruiters and Marketing NCO’s.

WHAT: SmartMail is a complete marketing strategy that gets your message in front of your targeted demographic, uncovers new leads and tracks response. We utilize hyper targeted data, cleverly crafted directmail, compelling web landing pages and clear reporting all packaged together in a simple but powerful campaign.

WHO: Recruiting and Retention Field


WHERE: Order now at

WHY: We understand the challenges the National Guard face supporting dual roles both federally and state missions. We are accustomed to blending tradition with the cutting edge and we are very proud of that. Maximizing your marketing campaigns should be quick, cost effective and of quality. is setup to provide you the best resources to make your campaign the most effective.

HOW: We offer the ability to do one-time mailings and multi-mailing campaigns. You can upload your own list, or we can provide a mailing list for your chosen demographics. Our SmartMail Campaigns allow you to contact the most people for the lowest price, including text message lead tracking.

ROI: Page One is a division of the American Printing Company; a company with a history that spans over 100 years. AiM is also a division of the American Printing Company. Page One Marketing powers and works with AiM to provide the most effective results-driven marketing campaigns. We understand the mission, and the need for leadership to have budgetary reports that reflect the return-on-investment. AiM staff is experienced in marketing consultation with the military and reporting of results. Page One is experienced in Smart Mail Marketing. SmartMail results in multi-touch campaigns for generating leads, driving events and creating brand ambassadors. Visit the site today to start your campaign.