Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile AdvertisingIntroducing Connect Mobile. Cutting-edge mobile advertising for recruiting on college campuses OR anywhere your target market is online.

Your Target Demographic Challenge:  Traditional advertising can be Ineffective. Costly. Little interaction.  Connect Mobile Solution: Mobile marketing. Target Specific Campaigns. Interactive.  Multi-Touch.

According to the 2017 Zenith Media forecast, 75% of internet consumption will be mobile. 79% of people have their phones nearby while they are awake. For all but two hours of the waking day.

What is It? Our Connect Mobile marketing platform provides integrated marketing services to your target demographic.  The message is delivered when your market is at a particular venue, where they are at, on their phone. When are they delivered?  Your ad can be delivered during an event or while they are at a particular location.  The ad can then be delivered later, once they leave the venue and while they are at home.


Why: Effective recruiting requires a fresh approach.

How does Connect Mobile work? We use the latest IP data technology.  Identify mobile phones, at any given location. Target phones at these sites:  1. High school football games 2. College campuses 3. Conferences 4. Trade shows 5. Large gatherings.

  • We create a targeted ad campaign. Ads appear on phones we identify.
  • Once identified, we can follow that person away from the event. We continue advertisements over the following days and weeks. We deliver on their desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Connect Mobile can include 1. Social media advertising 2. Mobile filmstrip ads 3. Google Display Ads 4. Personalized Landing Pages 5. Mobile Text Messaging applications.

Why Connect Mobile??? More efficient technology than Geo Fencing…

Geo-fencing requires location services to be turned on, and user opt-in.  The downside is you’re limited to serve digital ads to devices in a specified area.  Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile Benefits:

  • Requires a person to search the internet. They receive an ad placement.
  • Requires No opt-in.
  • Uses latitude-longitude. Ability to target. Down to the meter squared level.
  • Household IP address can be collected from inventoried Device ids. So we can 1. Use Household IP targeting 2. Get addresses. 3. Send direct mail!
  • Use in real-time. OR Use up to 7 months ago. By targeting the inventoried Device IDs.