College Targeted Marketing Program Campus-AD


College Targeted Marketing Program-Campus-AD

Market segmentation is very important in military marketing. The College Targeted Marketing Program Campus-AD is AiM’s customized video marketing strategy solution, which provides military recruiters the ability to engage with college students.  Navigating the current landscape for recruiting and retention marketing and advertising is demanding with financially constrained budgets and access to data, which is imperative in documenting ROI, and generating leads.  College students have access to more information on-line now more than ever, and raising their awareness of the opportunities the National Guard has to offer is challenging.  The ability to advertise on campuses across the United States is powerful, and Campus-AD increases the reach of recruiters, with documented enrollment numbers, quantitative demographics and better targeted marketing program Campus-AD

What is Campus-AD?

  • Campus-ADs are 30-second full audio/video ads on 42″ screens in college bookstores, student lounges, recreational areas, and anywhere there is student foot-traffic.
  • Ads run 5 times and hour on all the screens in the designated college of your choice.
  • AiM has an exclusive agreement for military recruitment ads, and can offer discounts based on the length of the flights and the number of campuses acquired per flight.

Campus-AD can reach both prior service and non-prior service.  Customize your messaging to get the maximum result.  Attract your segments with great content, convert them to leads or referral sources with great calls-to-action, and close the deal with great events.  Check out our YouTube channel to see what is running today!  Call today to get your list of schools, pricing, as well as the demographic information for the students that attend!  Ask your representative how to customize your campaign as well as make it more effective with event activations customized for your area!



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