Storefront Marketing Strategically

Storefront Marketing for the Military


Storefront Marketing Challenge You are faced with the task of updating 10 storefronts.  You need to create and enhance the total customer experience while ensuring that your efforts are effective.

Solution:  Let AiM develop a storefront marketing program for you and your storefronts for any budget!  This experience should be fun, and we love to help create the ultimate customer experience! It’s one of the things we do best, using our state-of-the-art production, intuitive design, and expert project management and fulfillment capabilities.  We can print the window graphics and install the graphics, create the murals and wrap the walls, lay out the floor graphics and install all the other elements that trick-out your space. But the real thrill is in duplicating it—exactly, down to the last POP display—and rolling it out consistently through all your storefronts. Whether you’re revitalizing your interiors, exteriors or all of the above, AiM will make it a retail experience!

  • Furniture
  • Graphic Elements
  • Space Planning (provide a floor plan and we will lay it out, and render in color)
  • Project Management
  • ROI Reporting
  • Refreshment Graphics Program
  • Marketing Events to Engage and Drive Awareness

Storefront marketing is more than furniture and graphics.  It is a complete customer experience.  Marketing for the military means that you want to be a trusted source to the community, where the Citizen Soldier and Citizen Airmen live and serve.  Strategically aligning your marketing with your overall recruiting and retention marketing and advertising strategy is a must.  Correlating the results of your marketing efforts and generating a good ROI is an important driver of your strategic plan.  Working with a contractor that understands your challenges and can offer solutions to meet your needs both nationally and locally is a plus.

Contact us today, and make your Strategic Storefront Experience a reality.

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